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Responsible environmental management

Protecting the environment now and into the future is a cornerstone of Fortescue’s success and sustainability. 

Fortescue takes a precautionary approach to environmental challenges and continues to invest in initiatives and technologies that minimise our environmental impacts and contribute to sustainable environmental benefits.

The success of our environmental management benefits not only our Company but also our families, our communities and our future generations. 

Protecting Biodiversity

Our activities have the potential to impact the environment and we are committed to minimising these impacts by integrating mitigation measures into all stages of our operations.

We take a precautionary approach to environmental management and implement the mitigation hierarchy to avoid, minimise, rehabilitate and offset impacts across all of our activities.

Sustainability Report Metals Biodiversity Strategy

Protecting water resources

Water is a critical resource and its effective management is fundamental to the sustainability of our operations and the ecosystems and communities in which we operate.

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Water activities

Our major interactions with water occur at our operational mine sites in the Pilbara. These operations require water for ore processing, dust control, and for village requirements, including the supply of drinking water.

We take a proactive approach to responsible water management and acknowledge that our operations have the potential to impact water resources.

Water risks 

Our evaluation of water-related risks and opportunities, including those related to climate change, are integrated into multidisciplinary, company wide risk management processes and are considered as part of our overall business strategy. Facility level risk assessments are undertaken regularly as part of mine planning processes, including operational and environmental risks, constraints and challenges.

Water management and stewardship

We are committed to sustainably managing water resources to avoid impacts to the environment and other water users and manage water resources at a catchment level across our operations.

Building circularity 

A circular economy is a systemic approach to economic development driven by innovation and designed to benefit business, society and the environment.

The circular economy is based on three principles, designing out waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use and regenerating natural systems.

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Waste management

Our waste management approach aims to reduce waste through the prevention, reduction, recycling and reuse of waste produced across all sites. We continue to investigate options to minimise the volumes of non-mineral general waste being sent to landfill.

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Closure and rehabilitation 

Our objective is to ensure the closure of our mines and key infrastructure areas is undertaken in a planned approach, with appropriate financial provisioning in place

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