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Our operations

Our operations

Our Port mining infrastructure is connected to the five berth Herb Elliott Port and Judith Street Harbour towage facility in Port Hedland via heavy haul railway.


Operations map

Overview of our operations

  • > 0 Iron ore shipped since 2008
  • 0 mining Hubs
  • 0 of rail
  • 0 ore carriers

Integrated Operations Centre

Our Fortescue Hive is a purpose-built Integrated Operations Centre in Perth that opened in 2020 and includes our Planning, Operations and Mine Control teams, together with Port, Rail, Shipping and Marketing teams. In FY23, the Hive was expanded to include an Iron Bridge control desk. The Hive allows team members across our value chain to work together 24 hours a day, seven days a week to deliver improved safe, reliable, efficient and commercial outcomes.

Innovation and technology

Fortescue has led the way globally in embracing automation at its operations which both contributes to a safer working environment for our team members and underpins significant productivity and efficiency improvements.

Today, our autonomous fleet is among the largest in the world with over 190 trucks operating across our mine sites.

We continue to look for other opportunities for automation and artificial intelligence to drive greater efficiency across the business. This includes the use of data to predict outcomes, optimise plans and schedules and improve overall performance, the expansion of autonomy to fixed plant and non-mining equipment and the application of relocatable conveyor technology. 

Energy infrastructure

The Pilbara Energy Connect (PEC) project, together with the Chichester Solar Gas Hybrid Project, will deliver 25 per cent of our stationary energy requirements from solar power by FY25, enabling renewable electricity generated at any of Fortescue’s sites to move between our operations in Port Hedland, Iron Bridge, Cloudbreak, Christmas Creek, Solomon and Eliwana, via over 500km of transmission lines.

We have already finished building 320 kilometres of transmission lines to connect Solomon to Iron Bridge through to Port Hedland, and we are on track to commission a 100-megawatt solar farm near our Iron Bridge operations by the middle of 2024.