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Strong relationships with our partners are essential to driving our communities and being a global force. We work collaboratively with new and existing suppliers to drive innovation and build capability to achieve these objectives.

Fortescue is committed to ensuring its procurement and logistics practices meet the highest standards of business ethics and integrity while realising value for money, managing risks and maximising opportunities to deliver shareholder value.

This involves selecting suppliers that provide the best overall benefit to Fortescue over the life cycle of those goods and services. This supports supply chain practices that focus on safe and effective on time delivery to Fortescue.

Vendor prequalification process

Fortescue requires its suppliers to embrace and comply with our policies and procedures, with all new suppliers required to complete vendor pre-qualification.


Register your interest

If your business is interested in becoming a supplier of goods or services to Fortescue.

Register your interest

    Vendor Documentation

    Fortescue’s key policies and procedures

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    Project contracting opportunities

    Fortescue is committed to providing full, fair and reasonable opportunities for Western Australia and Australian entities to supply goods and services to the Iron Bridge Magnetite Project, Pilbara Energy Connect Project and the Fortescue Decarbonisation Project. 

    As a proud West Australian company, we are focused on supporting local and Aboriginal businesses and use the Industry Capability Network of Western Australian (ICNWA) Gateway to communicate opportunities for packages of work. 

      To learn about the opportunities to supply to our projects and register your interest, for both full and partial scopes, go to the ICN Gateway websites here:

      Fortescue has established an Australian Industry Participation (AIP) plan for the projects, in compliance with the Australian Jobs Act 2013. To view the plans, see below:

      Standard purchase order terms and conditions

      This page is for suppliers who have received a purchase order that references and incorporates one of the following Purchase Order Standard Terms and Conditions on and from the respective effective date listed below.

      Refer here if you have any purchase orders issued prior to the relevant effective date. If you have any queries on which standard terms and conditions apply to your purchase order, please contact us.


      As a signatory of the Business Council of Australia’s Supplier Payment Code, Fortescue is committed to paying our small business suppliers on-time and within 30 days of receiving a correct invoice and to working with suppliers to improve invoicing and payment practices.

      Eligible small businesses based in the Pilbara and Aboriginal businesses nation-wide are also able to apply for 14-day payment terms.

      Fortescue has automated invoicing in place and prefers all invoices to be submitted electronically or via email.

      Invoices are automatically rejected where a valid purchase order has not been referenced or where the quantity or price exceeds that for which the purchase order authorises.

      Fortescue is a member of the SAP Ariba Network, enabling businesses to automate payments which results in faster payments with less overhead costs for both small and large businesses.

      Invoice Process for Vendors Fact Sheet


      Sustainable procurement in the Fortescue supply chain

      Fortescue is committed to ensuring its procurement practices meet the highest standards of business ethics and integrity, are transparent and fair.

      Fortescue has set sustainability objectives and targets for its operations and suppliers may be given specific KPIs under their contracts to demonstrate how their performance is aligned with Fortescue’s objectives and targets.


      Sustainability is at the core of Fortescue’s values and is predicated on Fortescue’s commitment to behave ethically, to create value for its stakeholders, and to leave the communities and environments in which Fortescue operates in a demonstrably better position.

      Fortescue’s approach to sustainability aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, a global call for action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people are able to enjoy peace and prosperity. 

      Fortescue’s Sustainable Procurement Standard


      Safety is Fortescue’s number one priority. The health and wellbeing of its employees, contractors and the community should never be compromised. Suppliers must comply with all Fortescue’s health and safety policies, standards and procedures. For more information refer to Health and Safety Policy. 


      Suppliers are expected to respect the rights and interests of native title holders and Traditional Custodian groups and to protect and promote Indigenous history and culture. With respect to Fortescue’s Australian activities, suppliers are expected to acknowledge Fortescue’s commitment to the employment of Aboriginal people and adopt a proactive policy with respect to the employment of local Aboriginal people and the engagement of local Aboriginal enterprises. Weighting will be given to suppliers that are Aboriginal-owned, engage Aboriginal businesses (including native title groups) or provide other benefits to Aboriginal communities.


      Fortescue is committed to safeguarding the environment. Suppliers are expected to minimise the environmental impact of their activities and comply with Fortescue’s environmental standards, management plans and procedures. 
      All suppliers are expected to have an environmental policy (or equivalent) and ensure that their employees understand the requirements of the policy. Suppliers should also have a system to measure, manage, minimise and report the environmental impact of their activities.


      Fortescue is committed to upholding and respecting the human rights of all people including its employees, the communities in which it operates, those who may be impacted by its activities and those within its supply chains.
      Suppliers are expected to conduct business in a manner consistent with the human rights principles encompassed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Labour Organisation’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work and the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business. 


      Fortescue is committed to complying with the relevant economic and trade sanctions laws (Sanctions) of all jurisdictions in which it operates or intends to operate. Suppliers must not engage in any activities that could lead to Fortescue breaching applicable Sanctions obligations.
      Suppliers, their personnel and related companies must always comply with the Sanctions imposed, enacted, administered or enforced by the United States of America, the United Nations, the European Union, the United Kingdom and Australia.