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Fortescue searches for critical minerals in Aratama, Alegre and the surroundings areas in Ceará   

Fortescue, a green energy, mining and technology company, has been working on the Aratama, Alegre projects in the municipalities of Altaneira, Cedro and other nearby municipalities for almost two years.  We carry out field research in Ceará, north-eastern Brazil, to find critical minerals that help the world reduce environmentally damaging carbon emissions.

Critical minerals enable the production of solar panels and wind turbines, among others, contributing to the development of cleaner energy sources.   

Our research in Aratama, Alegre and nearby municipalities involves collecting samples during the drilling process for analysis. We then send the samples to specialised laboratories to understand if they have mineralisation. 


In what stage are the Aratama and Alegre projects? What is Fortescue doing now? 

The project is at an early stage of research, analysing the potential of the area for the minerals which we are seeking. 

We are currently registering rural properties in the Rural Environmental Registry (CAR) and the Multicadastre to collect information on the area and comply with local regulations. Both registrations are required for this stage of the project by the local environmental authority, Semace.  

Our work follows environmental standards, avoiding contamination of land, rivers, wells and harm to animals or local residents. Fortescue has global experience, prioritising care for people and the environment. 

What are we doing in the communities?  

Fortescue was founded on the belief that communities should thrive as a result of our success, and so we endeavour to involve them in our projects from the outset.   

Fortescue will continue to work closely with landowners and members of the local and regional community to share information about our project and to understand their needs, concerns and priorities.  

Activities in Ceará  

In addition to the search for critical minerals at the Aratama and Alegre projects in the state of Ceará, Fortescue is involved in the Pecém Industrial and Port Complex (CIPP), working on a project for a green hydrogen plant, a clean fuel source. 

Fortescue, a green company

Fortescue is an Australian company with activities in several countries and we are celebrated for our culture, values and innovation. In 2023, we celebrated our 20th anniversary. We are a leading global company in the mining sector.  

We are rapidly diversifying our business to become an integrated global green energy, technology and minerals company with the aim of reducing the impacts of climate change.  

Our goal is to achieve carbon-neutral iron ore production by 2030, a unique commitment in the mining sector worldwide. We are also committed to encouraging other large, carbon-intensive companies to do the same.  

To reduce our carbon footprint and drive the world's energy transition, Fortescue invests in different countries in the search for critical minerals, technological solutions such as batteries and zero-carbon heavy transport, and green hydrogen projects. 

For more information, please contact us via email or phone +55 11 94208-6823. 

For more information on our work in Pecem please visit our Pecem web page.