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Arizona Hydrogen stands as Fortescue's groundbreaking venture into liquid green hydrogen production in the United States, strategically located in Arizona within the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. Set to commence construction in the second half of 2024, this fast-to-market project is expected to achieve its first production of liquid green hydrogen by mid-2026.

Key Highlights

  • Location: Arizona
  • Job creation: 300 direct jobs during construction and 40 direct jobs during operations
  • Ownership: 100% Fortescue
  • Capital expenditure: ~US$550 million
  • Product: Up to 11,000 tons of liquid green 
  • Commercial Operation Date (COD): Mid calendar year 2026
  • Technology: Alkaline; 80MW electrolyzer procured

Strategic Impact

Arizona Hydrogen is strategically positioned to contribute significantly to the decarbonization of the heavy-duty road transportation sector in the United States. Its proximity to the southwest market, which consumes approximately 5 billion gallons of diesel annually in heavy-duty road transportation, makes it a vital player in addressing the sector's decarbonization requirements. Furthermore, it aligns with California's policy to prohibit the sale of combustion engine trucks by 2036, further boosting demand for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and liquid hydrogen.

Fast Facts

  • Land secured: Project site spans 158 acres
  • Engineering Status: Finalization underway, with engagement ongoing with contractors
  • Power: Phase one - 80MW, serviced by Arizona Public Service

Arizona Hydrogen is not just a project; it's a sustainable solution poised to revolutionize the green energy landscape, with a commitment to job creation, environmental stewardship, and technological innovation.