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Green energy tech

Fortescue has established the building blocks of a new global renewable energy value chain by developing breakthrough green technology for trucks, trains, planes, ships, electrolysers, solar, cables, wind, batteries, hydrogen fuel cells and the digital industry.

At our research and development facilities, we are leading the world effort to decarbonise hard-to-abate sectors, including Fortescue’s operations by 2030, using hydrogen, ammonia and battery power.  

Fortescue’s first green hydrogen project will see the introduction of a fleet of green hydrogen powered coaches – one of the first steps towards the decarbonisation of our mobile fleet.

In March 2022, Fortescue acquired the UK-based Williams Advanced Engineering (WAE), providing Fortescue with critical technology and expertise in high-performance battery systems and electrification.

Using WAE’s innovative battery technology, we have delivered a battery electric haul truck prototype to a Fortescue mine site for further testing.

To decarbonise Fortescue’s rail operations, we are developing a world-leading regenerating battery electric iron ore train – the Infinity Train. We have also retrofitted a locomotive engine to run partly on ammonia, with the locomotive deployed at Solomon for testing on Fortescue’s rail network in May 2023.

In partnership with Liebherr we have further refined our hydrogen-powered haul truck, which will undergo testing at site in the second half of calendar 2023. 

The Marine Projects team have successfully modified a diesel ship engine to run on ammonia and will carry out first sea trials later this year onboard the Green Pioneer.