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With interest in green iron striking hot with global markets, Fortescue is investing in Australia’s first move.  

Fortescue will develop the technologies and processes to produce green iron; producing the green inputs for the process (decarbonised iron ore, green hydrogen and renewable energy); and building a plant to demonstrate that green iron is a reality.


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Project Summary

The Christmas Creek Green Iron Commercial Plant will use renewable energy and green hydrogen reduction technology together with an electric smelting furnace to produce high purity green iron which will be suitable for use in almost any steel plant globally.

The Christmas Creek Green Iron Project is expected to produce more than 1,500 tonnes per annum of green iron, utilising green hydrogen produced at the facility at Christmas Creek at our Chichester Hub in the Pilbara region of West Australia.

Locating the pilot facility at Christmas Creek allows Fortescue to demonstrate a ‘green pit to product’ supply chain, with the Company’s green mining fleet able to be paired with green ironmaking. The ironmaking technology for the Project will support Fortescue’s magnetite and haematite ores.

Subject to approvals, construction is expected to begin during CY24, with the first green iron targeted to be delivered before the end of CY25.

The Fortescue Board has endorsed an investment of up to US$50 million.


We're leading the green industrial revolution

We’re developing the technologies to decarbonise hard-to-abate sectors (like our iron ore operations) while building a global portfolio of renewable energy projects.

Green iron and green steel presents a huge opportunity for the iron ore industry and we are working hard to ensure we are at the forefront of technologies being developed in this regard.

By harnessing the world’s renewable energy resources to produce renewable electricity, green hydrogen, green ammonia and other green industrial products, we’ll help our planet step beyond fossil fuels.

  • Green hydrogen
  • Green steel
  • Critical minerals
  • Solar power
  • Green ammonia
  • Hydropower
  • Wind energy
  • Geothermal energy