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21 June 2023

Fortescue Future Industries (FFI) and Strathmore University (Strathmore) have formed an important partnership to accelerate Africa's leadership in the green energy transition.

This collaboration has been solidified by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding at the Africa Energy Forum in Nairobi, with the intention to set Kenya up with the skills and education needed to become a world-leader in green energy and green hydrogen production.

FFI and Strathmore intend to work together to create programs to nurture talent, promote research and empower individuals and institutions to support the transition away from fossil fuels in Africa and actively contribute to the region’s sustainable development.

FFI Africa President, Bruh Ayele Terfie, said, “Kenya has everything it needs to become a serious player in the green hydrogen space. It has unique natural resources and space that make it ideal to invest in, but it’s also important to invest in the future workforce needed to support development and industry.”

“This collaboration ensures the people of Kenya will lead the research and training needed to be at the centre of their own journey to decarbonisation.”

The MoU signifies FFI and Strathmore’s resolute dedication to championing sustainability, addressing climate change, and fostering economic. This partnership hopes to reshape Africa's energy landscape, accelerate the transition to a low-carbon future, and unlock economic prosperity for communities throughout the region.

Strathmore University Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Research and Innovation, Prof.  Izael Da Silva said, “We’re thrilled to embark on this transformative journey with FFI. Through this MoU, we will collectively pool our collective knowledge and resources to build the necessary skills and expertise within the region. Our shared vision is to create a thriving ecosystem of green hydrogen innovators, entrepreneurs, and researchers, empowering Africa to harness the full potential of this transformative technology.”

Speaking to the impact of the MoU, Daniel Kiptoo, the Executive Director for the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority, Kenya (EPRA) said, “We commend the collaborative efforts between Strathmore University and FFI Africa in signing this MoU on Green Hydrogen cooperation. This partnership signifies a crucial step towards advancing renewable energy technologies and fostering sustainable development in the region as green hydrogen holds immense potential in driving the transition towards a cleaner and more resilient energy future.”

FFI and the Kenyan Government are planning a potential 300MW capacity generation green ammonia and fertiliser facility in the Naivasha vicinity of the Olkaria geothermal field.

It has a focus on helping Kenya create the energy security needed to step beyond fossil fuel, and importantly a reliance on imported fertiliser.