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Iron Bridge

Welcome to Iron Bridge

Ngany-jula pantiyama kurna wamgka-ya Nyamal-pa yulung-ka. Pilyarri nganar nunga Nyamal-paku warran. Janalu maranu yina Nyamal-paku yulu pantiyama ngana nunga murlunu-kapu. Ngu-ja miranu Nyamal-pa ngayarta-ku janyan-ya ngaany-pa parnturr-ngarni jananya yuluga.

Welcome to the Iron Bridge team and welcome to Nyamal country. The Nyamal Custodians for Iron Bridge hold the memories, the traditions, the culture, and the hopes of all Nyamal people.

Unique values driving performance

As a values-based business with a strong, differentiated culture, we believe that by leveraging the unique culture of our greatest asset, our people, we will achieve our stretch targets.

Safety and family are at the core of our culture and values. We encourage our people to have the courage and compassion to look out for their mates and themselves and to ensure that everyone goes home from work safely.

Our culture of setting stretch targets and a 'never, ever give up' attitude empowers the Fortescue family to develop innovative ways of achieving challenging targets. We hold ourselves and each other to account to deliver these goals.