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Michigan, US Advanced Manufacturing Center

Fortescue is spearheading the future of green manufacturing with a substantial initial investment of $35 million to acquire and prepare the US Advanced Manufacturing Center in Detroit, Michigan. Located at the historic Piquette Avenue facility, this center is slated to become a pivotal hub for Fortescue’s production of automotive and heavy industry batteries, fast chargers, and electrolyzers.

Key Highlights

  • Location: Detroit, Michigan
  • Job creation: Up to 600 jobs as product lines ramp up through 2030.
  • Initial investment: $35 million
  • Facility: Piquette Avenue - Formerly Fisher Body 23

Strategic Impact

Fortescue plans to revitalize the existing facility in Detroit, transforming it into a state-of-the-art manufacturing and engineering workspace. With production scheduled to commence in 2025, the site holds the potential to create up to 600 jobs as product lines ramp up through to 2030. The US Advanced Manufacturing Center aligns with Fortescue's unwavering commitment to invest in the next generation of green manufacturing projects. This will decarbonize business and heavy industry while fostering a robust future for manufacturing jobs in the United States.

Fast Facts

  • Space: 410,000 sqft over six floors on 14 acres
  • Engineering status: Production scheduled to commence in 2025. 
  • Construction status: Transforming existing facility.
  • Technology: Heavy industry batteries, fast chargers, and electrolyzers.
Recognizing the significance of this endeavor, the Michigan Strategic Fund (MSF) and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) have demonstrated unwavering supported for the US Advanced Manufacturing Center from. This collaboration underscores a collective commitment to advancing green manufacturing initiatives.