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Fortescue is seeking critical minerals in the Milena Project, Chile

Fortescue, a green energy, mining, and technology company, has been working across Latin America on developing mining exploration projects as well as green hydrogen and renewable energy. In Chile, we conduct field research to discover critical minerals that help the world reduce harmful carbon emissions detrimental to the environment.

Critical minerals enable the production of solar panels and wind turbines, among others, contributing to the development of cleaner energy sources. Fortescue´s exploration of the Milena project involves collecting samples during the drilling process for analysis. Subsequently, we send the samples to specialized laboratories to determine if they contain mineralization.


What stage is the Milena project in? What is Fortescue doing at this moment?

The Milena project is in an early exploration phase. It is located in the high mountain sector, in the municipality of Vicuña, Coquimbo Region, at an approximate altitude of 4,200 meters above sea level. This project presents unique challenges due to the extreme climatic conditions of the area.

During this exploratory stage, the team is carrying out the construction of access roads and the installation of a camp to facilitate drilling campaigns that will take place between November  and April of each year. This period has been carefully selected considering the adverse climatic conditions of the area.

Our work follows environmental standards, avoiding land, river, well pollution, and harm to animals or residents. Fortescue has global experience, prioritizing the care of people and the environment.

What are we doing in the communities?

Fortescue was founded with the belief that communities should thrive as a result of the company's success, and therefore we strive to involve the community in our projects from the outset. Fortescue will continue to work closely with members of the local and regional community to share information about our project and understand their needs, concerns, and priorities.


Fortescue, a green company

Fortescue is an Australian company with operations in several countries and is celebrated for the culture, values, and innovation which are the company's focus. We are a global leader in the mining sector and in 2023, celebrated our 20th anniversary.

We are rapidly diversifying our business to become a global integrated company in green energy, technology, and minerals to reduce the impacts of climate change.

We aim to achieve carbon-neutral iron ore production by 2030, a unique commitment in the global mining sector. We also pledge to encourage other large, carbon-intensive companies to do the same.

To reduce our carbon footprint and promote global energy transition, Fortescue is investing in various countries in the search for critical minerals, technological solutions such as batteries and heavy transport with zero carbon emissions, and green hydrogen projects.