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Japal Village


Japal Village is more than a place to stay, it’s a community

Important information

Japal administration


Village administration

Open 3:45am – 8:00pm daily
(08) 9174 4929



Shop and cafe
Open 3:45am – 8:00pm


Indoor dining room

Open 3:45am – 7:00am
and 3:45pm – 8:00pm


Outdoor kitchen

Open 5:30pm – 7:30pm



Open 6:00am – 8:00am, 
5:00pm – 7:00pm and 7:30pm – 8:00pm 





Open 24 hours, 7 days per week
0417 701 939



Open 3:00am – 9:00pm


Recreation room

Open 24 hours, 7 days per week




Village maintenance requests

If you have a maintenance requirement for your village room, please report it to Village administration so we can attend as soon as possible.


Health and Safety


Emergency response

Tetra Channel 601 7 
In the event of an emergency call 0408 677 675  
There is 24 hour, 7 day per week medical support available at Iron Bridge with a medical centre located at the Village. 
You are responsible for your own prescription and non-prescription medication, however the medical center holds a small amount of supplies for emergency use only. 


Village medical centre 

Registered Nurse available 7 days per week
5:00am – 6:00pm
08 9174 4961 
0407 590 967



Available 24 hours
0418 442 655


Snake sightings

Report immediately to the Environment team on
0404 404 455, 0406 350 292, 0457 808 298 
or Site Security on 0418 442 655 



Smoking is only permitted in designated areas across the Village and on site. It is not permitted within five metres of doorways, windows or air conditioner units of a building.


Working responsibly


Protecting Aboriginal heritage 

We work together with our First Nations people to manage and protect Aboriginal heritage. Heritage sites are located throughout Iron Bridge. They are clearly identified by signage and access is strictly prohibited. 

Japal Village map

231010_IB_Japal village map_v1

Staying at Iron Bridge


As with any community, Fortescue villages rely on everyone respecting their neighbours and following the rules. All residents and visitors are expected to behave in line with the Village Accommodation Policy and Guidelines.


Village administration

The Village Administration is your first point of contact for information about your stay at Japal Village.
Open 3:45am – 8:00pm daily
(08) 9174 4929



Japal Village has many modern features to make your stay a comfortable experience. Rooms include an ensuite bathroom, desk, king size single bed, wardrobe, refrigerator, Wi-Fi and television with Foxtel channels. Rooms are cleaned weekly as well as a change of occupancy clean prior to arrival. You are responsible for the general hygiene and cleanliness of the room. If you have a maintenance requirement with your room, please report it to Village Administration.


Health and wellbeing

There is a range of active sport and recreation programs for you to use, as well as gym facilities, exercise classes and Health and Lifestyle Consultants (HLCs). There is also a swimming pool, cricket net, basketball and tennis court, football oval and walking track. Japal Village also has a recreation room with pool tables, lounge areas, microwaves and tea and coffee facilities.


Network access

Iron Bridge and Japal Village are covered by the Telstra network only. Residents can access free Wi-Fi around the village and in the accommodation rooms.


Designated smoking areas

Smoking is only permitted in designated areas across site and villages with cigarette cease fire bins provided in these locations. Smoking is not permitted within five metres of doorways, windows, or air conditioner units and is restricted to outdoor areas on site, at the villages and the airport.


Dining at Japal

Fortescue aims to provide high quality, healthy food at our villages. There is a wide range of meals available to cater to all dietary requirements. For allergy and dietary information, please seek advice from kitchen staff. Please ensure you meet the dining room dress standards by wearing a sleeved shirt and clean attire. For those who wish to dine outdoors, an outdoor kitchen serves take-away meals at night.


Retail shop

A retail shop is located in the village where you can purchase personal items such as toiletries, snacks, coffee and other beverages. ATM facilities are also available.



A tavern is also available at Japal Village. A barcode is required to purchase alcoholic beverages. There is a service limit of no more than four mid-strength alcoholic drinks in 24 hours. Alcohol is not to be consumed outside of the village including in the workplace, on buses, in light vehicles or at the airport.


Laundry facilities

There are communal laundries within each accommodation block. Each laundry contains free industrial washing machines, dryers and laundry powder. It is also equipped with CCTV surveillance.


Walking around the Village

When walking around the village and site, you must ensure you:

  • Always stay on designated pathways
  • Keep your eyes on the ground and be aware of uneven terrain
  • Always use walkways around car parks
  • Don’t enter areas that are demarcated with cones, barriers or barrier tape.

Group fitness timetable

5:45pmHIITBoxing for fitnessStrength and conditioningFunctional fitnessBoxing and coreCircuit classStretch and Meditation (Training room)
6:20pmHIITBoxing for fitness Functional fitnessBoxing for fitness  
6:20pmTouch rugbySoccerBadmintonSoccer and basketballVolleyballSoccerAFL and basketball




Pottery and painting
Japal Training room

Movember Minute to win it games
Main tavern
Stretch and meditation
Training room

     Basketball hop shooting game competition
Basketball courts
Open mic night
Main tavern
 Dodgeball competition
Grassed area
Music bingo
Main tavern
Pool competition
Rec room
Dart competition
Rec room
Volleyball competition
Volleyball courts
Table tennis competition
Main tavern



Clay pottery and painting

Every Tuesday in November

Register each week with our HWC's and join us in the Training room from 6:00pm

Location: Japal Village training room
Time: 6:00pm